Outcomes and ROI

Goodwill’s team delivers services, products and employment coaching support for more than 900 local employers of all sizes each year. Trainees receive classroom education, vocational instruction, workplace behavior coaching, financial literacy, placement assistance, and ongoing career support. For employers, this assures positions are filled by skilled, mature and confident workers motivated to succeed.

People Served: 11,004 (2015) individuals received services from Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit.

Job Placements: 1,637 (2015) job placements were facilitated as a result of Goodwill services.

Wages: $10.98 (2015) was the average hourly wage paid to workers placed by Goodwill.

Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit’s Statement on Wages
We are committed to paying all of our employees and program participants at least minimum wage, respecting their work experience and the value they bring to our organization and our community.

Retention: 88% (2015) of individuals placed into jobs remained working after 90 days.

Quality Survey Data
As an ongoing measure of service quality, Goodwill regularly surveys employers, family member, guardians and trainees.  2014 Survey results showed a 99% approval rate from those receiving Employment Services and 95% approval rating from those receiving Pre-Employment Services.

 People Served by County (2015)
Oakland – 8,898
Wayne – 2,032
Macomb – 74