Success Stories

Empowering Individuals


“My English skills were average but needed improvement and it had been a long time since I’d finished high school.. I needed to brush up on my math skills, too. Through Goodwill’s program I had a chance to do that and also gain the confidence that has helped me get to where I am today.”- Renzo

Renzo is an inspiring young man. He came to the United States with a dream for opportunity and meaningful, productive work. Thanks to support from friends in the community like you, Goodwill was able to help him sharpen the skills needed for success in the workplace.


Success In Action


“What I find here is love and purpose. Before the Clubhouse, I was ashamed of my diagnosis. Now, I understand that mental illness is what I have but it’s not who I am. The Clubhouse gives me a chance to be more than my disease.” – Hervy

It’s been said that attitude is everything. If there’s a single human being who proves that adage true, you just might find him each weekday morning in an easily overlooked building located near Grand River and Livernois in Detroit. Like clockwork, he arrives at 8 o’clock sharp, ready to welcome the day with a warm smile and encouraging word.