Job Placement


Job Placement

Personnel with extensive experience and employer contacts provide employment development assistance to the job seeker. Job developers match the job seeker’s interests, aptitudes and skills with the employer’s job requirements. The job seeker is provided with job leads and the scheduling of interviews with employers.

Employment Follow-up/Retention Services

Those who gain employment are provided ongoing assistance from Goodwill Industries. Guidance and supports are provided to assist an individual in maintaining his/her job. The employee and/or employer are contacted on a regular basis to identify any potential problems that may impact the employee’s job performance. Examples of the supports provided include assistance with transportation arrangements, childcare referrals, work attire, etc. Goodwill continues to maintain follow-up for a minimum of 90 days.

Supported Employment

Supported Employment services are designed to assist individuals with disabilities in finding and retaining jobs in the community. Experienced staff identify jobs that match an individual’s interest and abilities, provide on-the-job coaching and training, facilitate the establishment of natural supports at the job site, and provide ongoing monitoring and support as needed for the individual to maintain employment.

Work Experience

Short-term work experience services are designed to assist trainees in developing and strengthening work skills, habits, attitudes and overall productivity through the provision of real work experience in a supportive environment. Activities range from in-house light industrial sub-contract work to participation on work crews or enclaves at local businesses.