Supported Employment

Individuals with barriers to employment are matched to and trained for jobs in the community where their skills and abilities make them valuable assets to the employer. These services are a part of the Supported Employment Program which include; job development, job coaching, and job retention services. Employers also benefit from this service by gaining a productive employee, training at no cost, and ongoing support.

Youth Transition Services

Goodwill provides Work Readiness Training to special education high school juniors and seniors. This program enhances the transition services that schools are currently providing to students. We customize our program to meet the needs of the school and the students. Work Readiness Training includes, career exploration, job searching skills, job tours, and job shadowing opportunities.

Vocational Evaluation

The evaluation process is the crucial to understanding individual abilities and needs. This is the first step in identifying skills that can lead to meaningful employment and a better job match. Goodwill offers a number of vocational evaluation services such as facility-based situational assessment, community based assessment, work adjustment, academic assessment, Val Par work samples, and clerical assessment . We work closely with Michigan Department of Career Development and local area insurance companies.

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