Flip the Script
There's Always Time to Change the Story



It began with questions such as: Can people change? Can people overcome their circumstances? Can a troubled young man, who many believe has become a threat to himself and society, turn his life around minimally 180 degrees?

Are urban males, especially young black and brown males important enough to society, or the City of Detroit and surrounding areas and their families that Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit should invest in them? Importantly given a realistic opportunity will enough of them invest in themselves enough to allow transformation to replace despair, anger, hopelessness and poor decisions?

We’re optimists. We believe in second chances…even third chances. So deep down, we knew the answer was ‘yes.’ We believe there’s always time to change the story. Negative beginnings need not result in negative endings.

A troubled childhood, an unsupportive home environment or poor choices that lead to running with the wrong crowd…none of these should be allowed to steal a young man’s future. But all too often, that’s exactly how it happened. Until Flip the Script®. Since 2003 Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit, along with local and national foundations, and community partnerships have been flipping the script in the lives others had given up as hopeless, worthless, too risky and overwhelming.

The Detroit Free Press featured the story of Flip the Script® client Yusef Farooq in its May 11, 2012 edition. Read the story here.

Admissions Criteria

  1. Low Income
  2. City of Detroit / Wayne County Resident
  3. Age 16-30
  4. Motivated and committed to focus on positive life, academic and social change
  5. Must commit to an 16-18-week, seven (7) hour per day program

 Contact Information

For more information or to enroll in this program, please contact:
Flip the Script
2777 East Grand Boulevard
Detroit, Michigan 48211

Phone: (313) 557-4848
Fax (313) 557-4820

Keith L. Bennett
Flip the Script Program Director
E-mail KBennett@goodwilldetroit.org


More Information

Detroit’s and one of the nation’s most proven, successful and cost effective alternative services models for young men16-30 years of age.

Over the past ten years, Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit has developed and refined a tremendously effective, outcome-based life transformational mentoring and job training program that has and continues to make a profound impact. Flip the Script® prepares men ages 16-30 who reside in Detroit or Wayne County for non-traditional careers including the skilled trades, building and construction industries, as well as entry level green jobs. The program’s curriculum centers on training (or retraining) participants in critical areas with mathematics as its foundation as well as reading enrichment, positive relationship development, male responsibility, fatherhood, positive citizenship and workplace ethics. The primary goal of the program is to enable men to become economically self-sufficient individuals and positive heads of household while preparing them for entry level jobs and non-traditional careers.

What Community Leaders Are Saying…

“Goodwill’s Flip the Script program has been an oasis in the desert, especially in our current economic downturn. We have proudly supported this program, and are impressed with the major impact and success it has made and continues to make.” The program has been a Godsend.
President, Michigan Food and Beverage Association

“This initiative helps men regain their sense of self and social purpose which is critical because men in need of services in a city like Detroit are often viewed as undeserving and unwilling to act on their own behalf. Flip the Script combats this perception by helping men get on their feet and on the right track. This not only equips the men for life, but also allows others to stop seeing them as problems in the community and start recognizing them as human resources for making themselves, their families, and their social environments much better off.” The programs impact on men returning home after incarceration is second to none, as well as its impact on the young man that underestimates and/or hasn’t discovered his self worth.

ALFORD YOUNG, JR. Arthur F. Thurnau Professor
Sociology and Center for Afroamerican and African Studies University of Michigan